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Amsterdam’s bustling streets are home to many treasures and among them stands Leidsestraat Apotheek, a beacon for those in quest of premium pharmacy supplements. Our range spans various types of supplements tailored to different health needs. But what truly differentiates us is the personal attention each customer receives. Every query, every concern, is met with a depth of knowledge and genuine care by our dedicated professionals.

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When you opt for pharmacy supplements from our establishment, you’re investing in more than just quality products; you’re investing in unparalleled pharmaceutical expertise. Our tailored advice ensures you get the most out of each supplement, tailored to your unique needs. Alongside our supplements, we also house a range of meticulously curated skincare products, offering holistic care for your well-being. And for those who see us as a trusted drugstore in Amsterdam, know that we take that title with pride and responsibility.

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In a world inundated with information, the right advice can be a beacon. As a premier pharmaceutical company, we invite you to walk through our doors. Experience firsthand the transformative power of expert advice coupled with premium medicines and pharmacy supplements. Prioritise your health today and let us be the guide on your wellness journey.               You can easily stop by from 08.30 to 20.00 on weekdays and Saturdays and from 11.00 to 20.00 on Sundays.


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