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When the brisk Amsterdam winds usher in the cold season, having the right medication for colds becomes paramount. At Leidsestraat Apotheek, we recognise this need. Not only do we stock an array of medications for those pesky cold symptoms, but our certified pharmacists stand ready to guide you to the most suitable remedies.

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Nipping a cold in the bud often requires a cocktail of medications for colds. While anti-inflammatories serve to reduce swelling and ease soreness, there are other weapons in our arsenal. Cough syrup is meticulously formulated to suppress those persistent coughs, letting you catch that much-needed rest. Then, for those gruelling headaches and body aches, our selection of painkillers offers potent relief. Additionally, we provide decongestants for stuffy noses and antihistamines for those with allergic reactions, ensuring a holistic approach to your well-being.

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Choosing the right medication for colds can be overwhelming with the sheer number of options available. But worry not. As a reputable pharmaceutical company, we pride ourselves on the quality of our medications. Besides, our comprehensive range of pharmacy supplements ensures you’re not only treating the cold but fortifying your body against future ones. Reach out, ask and be guided to optimal health with different kinds of medication or stop by any day of the week before 20.00.


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